Jan 30, 2009

zip the second. light blue, 19 cm.

It's hot in Melbs. Seriously. It's the third day over 40 degrees celcius (ick bleck ugh) and no one can bear wearing much. I got a sweet little nightie for Christmas but it was a bit big and just sat around being cute alone. It'd be perfect for swanning around the house, but it just slips over the head and if i take it in, i won't be able to get it on. what does it need?

ohh yeah.

so zippity doo dah, wacked it in (yeah sure, as easy as that) and now i'm off to stroll about the house in light cottony comfort.

Dec 15, 2008

zip the first

this little wonder bag is the combination of two groovy internet tutorials. both mega easy to follow and thus (therefore! hence!) rather satisfying.

i followed the boxy pouch tutorial, and lined the bags with fused plastic to make them waterproof and easy to clean. yeah! thinking this will be nice little toiletry/makeup bag for my travelling cousin and aunt. (hint at zip the second)

the material is locally made, hand printed by a gorgeous melbourne company: ink and spindle. i snavelled a couple of random pieces at the awesome Design Market in Melbourne. and ta-da! i reckon it looks rad.

Dec 12, 2008

what's with the zips?

So I bought a hundred zips on ebay. I only needed a couple - but it was a total bargain (AU$10 for reals) so why wouldn't I buy 100? Now I need 98 other things to do with zips.

Let the countdown begin!

also, you should totally suggest zip projects for me. i mean you're here aren't you? on a blog about zips. you're as mental as me.